How Factoring Can Benefit Your Business

Your business is profitable but you seem short on cash to pay bills. Perhaps this is due to your cash conversion cycle taking too long. Factoring can bridge this gap by shortening this cycle between when you complete and invoice your job and when you actually get you your funds.

Once you have generated an invoice, factoring it with AAA Financial Group can improve your cash flow by converting the invoice to immediate cash. Having access to funds allow the business to pay its bills timely, and even take advantage of offered vendor discounts. Having funds to allow the business to make timely payments to its suppliers can actually save the business money. Eligible invoices are factored within 24 hours, often on the same day and funds are advanced up to 90% so you can pay your bills.

AAA Financial Group then waits for payment. Once paid, you are paid your reserves less the agreed upon fee within two business days. Part of our services include the pre-qualification your accounts to avoid the possibility of providing services to businesses that have a track record of not paying their bills. Factoring works like a bank line of credit - it is available on short notice when it is needed. Remember, clients are not required to factor all their invoices, just what they need and when.

Factoring invoices with AAA Financial Group does not result in additional debt to your company. Our program relies on the strength of your customer. Because of this feature, AAA Financial Group is not concerned with your credit so bankruptcies or other credit issues will not prevent us from working with you.

Programs Customized For You

AAA Financial Group will design a custom program that meets your needs.

After approval, we will mutually decide how to set up the relationship as there are many serving options. Examples include who is responsible for generating and sending out customer billings. Another variable is who will follow up on outstanding invoices. Many clients like AAA Financial Group to take on this responsibility and save them the requirement of personnel to perform this task.

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Program Benefits

  • No Cost Review to See if You Qualify
  • Ensure that Your Customers Are Creditworthy so You Get Paid
  • You Decide When To Factor Based on Your Needs
  • Start-ups and Small Businesses Welcome
  • Ask Questions - Your Success is Our Number One Priority
  • Allows You to Build Our Fees into Your Pricing to Preserve Margins
  • Easily Track Your Collections
  • Quick Payments on Collected Invoices Improves Cash Flow
  • Allows You to Keep Track of Outstanding Invoices and See How Customers Pay
  • Cash Flow You Can Count on When You Want It
  • Our Program is Structured Around Your Needs

Program Highlights

No Application Fees

No Cost Credit Reviews of Potential Accounts
No Minimum Contract Length or Volume Requirements
No Minimum Funding Amount
Basic Consulting Services
Competitive Fees & Advance Rates
Daily Reporting of Your Collections
Reserves Paid Twice Weekly
Weekly Accounts Receivable Agings
Prompt Fundings Within 24 Hours
Custom Designed Invoice Factoring Program
Locally Owned With Superior Service